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October 27, 2022

Felt fabric

Felt fabric is a kind of fabric belonging to needle punching process. The raw materials can be polyester fiber,  polypropylene fiber, viscose fiber, cotton, camel hair and other fiber materials, which are combed, laid and needled. Felt fabric includes soft felt fabric and hard felt fabric, which are classified according to density, and different density applications are different.


Soft felt fabric generally refers to the filter material with a density of less than 1000g, which is fluffy and soft. It is often used in clothing, home textiles, masks, packaging, etc., as a filling and thermal insulation. After hot pressing, it can also be used as a sizing material;


The density of hard felt fabric is generally high, and it is hard as a whole. It can be cut into various shapes for polishing and polishing, and can also be used as a plate, floor mat, etc.

Advantages of felt:

Felt has good scalability and can reach the specified length, which can be used for leather rolling belt and paper pulp absorption belt. Felt has good thermal insulation, and can be made into felt insoles of different specifications. The felt has moisture retention and elasticity and can be made into car door and window seals and door and window seals.


It is not woven, so it has good filterability and can be used for oil absorption. Felt is mostly used under the ship's oil barrel to keep the ship clean. Packing machine parts with felt has high whiteness and good shockproof performance. Silence, according to the size of the felt can adjust the sound rate of the instrument.

Felt fabric products are also our main products. Our felt fabric products mainly include felt shopping bags, felt pen bags, felt tablet computer bags, felt laundry bags, felt storage bags, felt flower trays, etc. Felt fabric is suitable for screen printing, thermal transfer printing and other printing methods. It can also be cut and laser engraved. We can customize according to customer requirements