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  • Oxford cloth
    September 28, 2022 Oxford cloth

    Oxford cloth is a kind of fabric with various functions and wide applications,and was named after Oxford University, began around 1900.

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  • Baseball cap
    November 02, 2021 Baseball cap

    Baseball cap is developed with baseball. Baseball is a kind of ball game with the main characteristics of playing with a bat and strong collectivity and antagonism.

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  • Non woven
    November 02, 2021 Non woven

    Non woven fabrics, also known as needle punched , needle punched non-woven fabrics, etc., are made of polyester fiber and polyester fiber (PET) through needle punching process,

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  • PLA non woven
    November 18, 2021 PLA non woven

    With the continuous development of social economy and the continuous growth of global population,

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