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  • Linen fabric
    May 09, 2023 Linen fabric

    Linen textiles seem to be one of the oldest textiles in the world; Their history can be traced back thousands of years. The discovery of dyed linen fibers in a cave in southeastern Europe (present-day Georgia) suggests that linen fabrics woven from wild linen may date back more than 30000 years.

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  • New start 2023
    January 04, 2023 New start 2023

    BAGEST CHINA, offering promotional bags and packaging solution, such as: reusable bag, dust pouch, cooler bag, apron, baseball caps and gift box.

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  • Felt fabric
    October 27, 2022 Felt fabric

    Felt fabric is a kind of fabric belonging to needle punching process.

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  • Cooler bag
    October 13, 2022 Cooler bag

    Cooler bag that can be used for outdoor picnic or daily life to hold all kinds of food and keep food temperature and freshness. It belongs to an outdoor bag.

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