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PLA nonwoven bag factory
PLA nonwoven bag factory
PLA nonwoven bag factory
PLA nonwoven bag factory
PLA non woven bag : PLA nonwoven bag factory

PLA nonwoven bag factory

PLA corn fiber compostable non woven bag suppliers. China PLA biodegradable shopping bag manufacturers. Recyclable polylactic acid promotional bag. ECO friendly new trend material. Raw material from Natureworks in USA.


BSCI Certified Promotional Reusable 100% Degradable PLA Non Woven Shopping Handle Bag From China Factory 

Production process for polylactic acid (PLA). First, corn or other raw materials are fermented to produce lactic acid, which is then polymerized to make polylactic acid(PLA). PLA is very environmentally friendly material since it is made from renewable resource – Corn. Plastics products may take upto thousand years to compost while PLA products compost within 3-6 months in a composting system - Quoted from google

This material can make many kinds of promotional shopping bag such as: PLA tote bag, PLA drawstring bag, PLA garment bag (PLA suit cover), PLA cooler bag, PLA shoulder bag, PLA apron


Polylactic (PLA) corn fiber.


Customized. Silk screen printing or offset printing




White color in stock. Other color customized


Sewed or ultrasonic style


Shopping, biodegradable and compostable and recyclable


SGS testing, fabric content 99% PLA


5000 pcs

Monthlt Supply

300,000 pcs

Product Quality

First class

Sample Time

5-10 days

Production Time

20-45 days

Payment Term


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